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Cool Gel Heat Barrier Spray


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  • Protects lead free valves during soldering
  • Reduces the threat of costly heat damage to rubber seals and gaskets
  • Protects components and materials during soldering to avoid heat damage
  • Protects painted and finished surfaces from discoloration due to torch heat
  • Unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running off
  • Clear, non-staining gel leaves no residue, eliminating cleanup, Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin, and odorless
  • For Use on/ With
  • Lead free valves and fittings
  • New construction and piping installation
  • Shower valves installation and repair
  • Trim work and cabinetry
  • Drywall and studs, Medical gas systems
  • Commercial rooftop repair
  • Furnace repair and installation
  • Refrigeration repair and installation
  • Valve installation and repair, Welding