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4-4-4 AWG, Type SE Style U Wire, 500' Reel


  • Locke Part #: P0682
  • Mfg. Part #: 103141411240
  • Manufacturer: Encore Wire

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  • Construction:
  • Conductors:
  • Solid: Bare, soft copper per ASTM-B3, 7-strand: Class B concentrically stranded per ASTM-B8
  • 19-strand: Combination unilay conductors per ASTM-B787
  • Insulation:
  • High dielectric strength, heat and moisture-resistant, black or colored Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) rated for continuous use at 90 C wet or dry, meeting the requirements of UL-83 for THHN or THWN wire.
  • Conductor Jacket
  • Clear Nylon sheath meeting the requirements of UL-83 for THHN or THWN.
  • Ground/Neutral Conductor
  • Soft drawn annealed copper conductors.
  • Sizes smaller than 3 AWG have a round, stranded bare ground/neutral conductor laid parallel between the insulated conductors.
  • Sizes 3 AWG and larger have bare concentric ground/neutral wires wrapped helically over the insulated conductors.
  • Applications:
  • This cable is manufactured in accordance with Article 338 of the NEC and also the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Standard 854.
  • Type SE Style U is approved for installation in accordance with Article 230 of the NEC and has a rating of 600 volts.
  • Assembly
  • Overall Jacket
  • Extruded, protective sunlight-resistant gray PVC jacket over the taped assembly in accordance with UL Standard 854.
  • Standards:
  • Underwriters Laboratories Standards UL-83, UL-854
  • Federal Specification AA59544, National Electrical Code Articles 338 & 230
  • NEMA RV4 2009, ARRA 2009; Section 1605 Buy American Compliant.