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Bradford White D-100L-199-3X-877 LP Water Heater, 199999 Btu/hr Heating, 100 gal Tank, Electronic Ignition


  • Locke Part #: E0199
  • Mfg. Part #: D-100L-199-3X-877
  • Manufacturer: Bradford White

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  • ICON HD™—Intelligent proven design combines temperature control, diagnostic codes, and system ignition functions into a single control board with a digital LCD display
  • Control panel cover tilts down for ease of wiring and service
  • Operation Mode—Two different digitally displayed operation modes have the capability of adjusting the temperature setting up to 180°F (82°C), and adjusting the degree setting (ºF to ºC, or ºC to ºF)
  • Service Mode—Eight different digitally displayed service modes can be easily cycled through by pressing the select button
  • Electronic Ignition—High voltage, low current electricity is sent to the pilot electrode initiating a spark to ignite the pilot gas
  • Automatic Flue Damper—Reduces stand-by loss, saving gas consumption and improving overall efficiency
  • Factory Installed Hydrojet® Sediment Reduction System—Cold water inlet sediment reducing device helps prevent sediment build up in the tank
  • Vitraglas Lining—An exclusively engineered enamel formula that provides superior tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water
  • Insulation System—Non-CFC foam covers the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss
  • Water Connections—1-12" (38mm) NPT factory-installed true dielectric fittings extend water heater life and simplify water line connections
  • Hand Hole Cleanout—Allows inspection of tank interior and facilitates the removal of sediment deposits
  • E.C.O.—An automatic reset Energy Cut Out (E.C.O.) shuts off all gas in event of an overheat condition
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rods—Provide added protection against corrosion for long-term, trouble-free service
  • Sanitizing Capability—Temperature setting up to 180°F (82°C)
  • Termal Efficiency 82%
  • Depth: 876 mm
  • Floor to Cold Water Connection: 695 mm
  • Floor to Gas Connection: 221 mm
  • Floor to Hot Water Connection: 1635 mm
  • Floor to T&P Connection: 1535 mm
  • Floor to Top of Heater: 1751 mm
  • Floor to Top Water Connection: 2057 mm
  • Floor to Vent Connection: 1980 mm
  • Gas Connection Size: 19 mm
  • Jacket Diameter: 768 mm
  • kW Input: 58.6 kW
  • LP kW Input: 58.6 kW
  • Nominal Liter Capacity: 379 L
  • Vent Size: 152 mm
  • Water Connection NPT: 38 (T&F) mm