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Bradford White 415-53336-02 BuiltBest +2 Water Heater Extended Warranty Upgrade Kit, B Models


  • Locke Part #: E1570
  • Mfg. Part #: 415-53336-02
  • Manufacturer: Bradford White
  • UPC: 671632906062

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  • Extends 6-year factory warranty to 8-year warranty (pro installation only)
  • Coverage includes both water heater tank and parts
  • Category B Models:
  • —— Gas - RG2F40S6, RG2F50S6, RG250H6, RG275H6, RG2100H6, RG1D30T6, RG1D40S6, RG1D40T6, RG1D50T6, RG2D40S6, RG2D50S6, RG2DV40S6, RG2DV50S6, RG2DV50H6, RG2MH30T6, RG2MH40T6, RG2DVMH30T6, RG2DVMH40T6, RG2PDV40S6, RG2PDV50S6, RG2PDV50H6, RG2PDV75H6, RG1PV40S6, RG1PV50S6, RG2PV40S6, RG2PV50S6, RG2PV40T6, RG2PV50T6, RG2PV50H6, RG2PV75H6, RC2PV50H6, URG250H6, URG275H6, URG2100H6, URG2D40S6, URG2D50S6, URG2DV40S6, URG2DV50S6, URG2DV50H6, URG1PV40S6, URG1PV50S6, URG2PV40T6, URG2PV50T6, URG2PV50H6, URG2PV75H6, URG2PDV40S6, URG2PDV50S6, URG2PDV50H6
  • —— Electric - RE2H50S6, RE2H80T6, MS65R6, MS80R6, MS120R6
  • Length of Extension: 2 yr
  • Suitable For Use With: Water Heater
  • Type: Category B Models