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4 Ton 60 Hz, Packaged Heat Pump KH Rooftop Units


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  • Designed to maximize sensible and latent cooling performance at design conditions. System can operate from 30 F to 125 F without any additional controls.
  • Refrigerant
  • Non-chlorine, ozone friendly R-410A. Unit pre-charged with refrigerant.
  • Compressor
  • Scroll compressors resiliently mounted on rubber grommets for high performance, reliability and quiet operation.
  • Compressor Crankcase Heater
  • Protects against refrigerant migration that can occur during low ambient operation.
  • High Pressure Switch Check/Thermal Expansion Valves Reversing Valves
  • 4-way interchange reversing valve effects a rapid change in direction of refrigerant flow resulting in quick changeover.
  • Defrost Control
  • Provides a defrost cycle, if needed, every 30 or 60 or 90 minutes (adjustable).
  • Filter/Drier Freezestat
  • Protects the evaporator coil from damaging ice build-up.
  • Coil Construction
  • Copper tube construction, enhanced rippled-edge aluminum fins, flared shoulder tubing connections, silver soldered construction for improved heat transfer. Factory leak tested. Indoor Coil Cross row circuiting with rifled copper tubing.
  • Outdoor Coil
  • Two independent formed coils allow separation for cleaning.
  • Condensate Drain Pan
  • Plastic pan, sloped to meet drainage requirements of ASHRAE 62.1. Side or bottom drain connections. Reversible.
  • Outdoor Coil Fan Motor
  • Thermal overload protected, totally enclosed, shaft up, wire basket mount. Outdoor Coil Fan PVC coated fan guard furnished.
  • Construction
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel panels with a two-layer enamel paint finish and full perimeter heavy-gauge galvanized steel base rail provides structural integrity for transportation, handling, and installation.
  • Air-Flow Choice
  • Units are shipped in down-flow (vertical) configuration, can be field converted to horizontal air flow configuration without a kit.
  • Power Entry
  • Through the base or horizontal knock- outs.
  • Insulation
  • All panels adjacent to conditioned air are fully insulated with non-hygroscopic fiberglass insulation. Base is fully insulated.
  • Unit Control
  • All control voltage is provided via a 24V (secondary) transformer with built-in circuit breaker protection.
  • Heat/Cool Staging
  • - Capable of up to 2 heat / 2 cool staging with a third party DDC control system or thermostat.
  • Low Voltage Terminal Block
  • - Provides screw terminal connections for thermostat or controller wiring. Night Setback Mode - Saves energy by closing outdoor air dampers and operating supply fan on thermostat demand only.
  • A wide selection of supply air blower options are available to meet a variety of air flow requirements.
  • Motor
  • Supply Air Blower
  • Forward curved blades, blower wheel is statically and dynamically balanced. All belt drive motors have adjustable pulley for speed change.
  • Indoor Air Quality -
  • Disposable 2 inch air filters furnished.
  • Net Cooling Capacity 47,000 to 59,000 Btuh
  • Net Heating Capacity 48,000 to 60,500 Btuh
  • Optional Electric Heat 7.5 to 30 kW