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4 Ton 460V / 3PH Heat Pump Packaged Units


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  • Designed to maximize sensible and latent cooling performance at design conditions.
  • System can operate from 35 F to 125 F without any additional controls.
  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • Non-chlorine, ozone friendly, R-410A.
  • Unit is factory pre-charged with refrigerant. See Specifications Table.
  • Compressor
  • Resiliently mounted on rubber grommets for quiet operation.
  • Scroll compressors for high performance, reliability and quiet operation.
  • Compressor Crankcase Heater
  • Protects against refrigerant migration that can occur during low ambient operation.
  • High pressure Switch
  • Protects the compressor from overload conditions such as dirty condenser coils, blocked refrigerant flow, or loss of outdoor fan operation.
  • Reversing Valve
  • 4-way interchange reversing valve effects a rapid change in direction of refrigerant flow resulting in quick changeover from cooling to heating and vice versa.
  • Defrost Control
  • Provides a defrost cycle, if needed, every 30 or 60 or 90 minutes (adjustable) of compressor on time at outdoor coil temperature below 35 F. Temperature switch mounted on outdoor coil liquid line terminates defrost cycle.
  • Filter/Drier
  • High capacity filter/drier protects the system from dirt and moisture.
  • Coil Construction
  • Copper tube construction, enhanced rippled-edge aluminum fins, flared shoulder tubing connections, silver soldered construction for improved heat transfer. Factory leak tested.
  • Indoor Coil
  • Cross row circuiting with rifled tubing optimizes both sensible and latent cooling capacity.
  • Condensate Drain pan
  • Plastic pan, sloped to meet drainage requirements of ASHRAE 62.1.
  • End drain connection.
  • Outdoor Coil Fan Motor
  • Thermal overload protected, totally enclosed, permanently lubricated bearings, shaft down, fan guard mount.
  • Outdoor Coil Fan Guard
  • PVC coated fan guard furnished.
  • Heavy-gauge steel panels and full perimeter heavy gauge galvanized steel base rail provides structural integrity for transportation, handling, and installation.
  • Limited five years on compressors.
  • Limited one year all other covered components.
  • AHRI Certified to AHRI Standard 210/240-2008.
  • CSA listed.
  • Units are Certified by CSA.
  • Components bonded for grounding to meet safety standards for servicing required by UL, ULC and National and Canadian Electrical Codes.
  • All models are ASHRAE 90.1 compliant.
  • ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Quality System.